Swarm Removal

Are you sure that swarm is honey bees? 

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Example of a honey bee swarm


Example of a honey bee swarm

How do you know if you have a honey bee swarm?

Honey bees are golden brown in color. They are a little bit fuzzy with stripes on their abdomen. They will be in a cluster (a ball of bees) under a picnic table, on a fence post, on a tree branch or any number of places. They also may have made a hive in the walls of your home or garage. They do not form a paper nest of any sort, those are wasps, you will need an exterminator for proper removal. If you find a swarm of bees it is important to contact a beekeeper immediatly! Do not spray them with any type of insecticide! 

Who To Call

The Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association assumes no responsibility
for swarm removals performed by club members.
Arrangements should be made solely with person removing bees.

Sandy Murphy 

Ed Rice

Danielle Ray

Alan Hopper

Tom James

Joe Valenti

Ralph Ochs

Bryan Blazak


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