The Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association strives to help inform the public 
about bees and beekeeping by offering a Beekeeping School each spring. 
The school comprises of approximately three (3) classes throughout the spring months. 
Though we call them classes, each short session is a loose collection of information 
that will take the novice from starting beekeeping to a confident level, 
capable of winterizing the colonies for next year's season.  

Sign-up for the school begins each year at the local county fair 
and runs until the first class each spring. 
If you would like to attend this year's class email: for more info.


Bee Class 2019

Class #1: Introduction to Beekeeping Please read and print: Forums/beekeeping 101 Glossery 

Class #2:   T B A


Email Ed Rice @ or call 219 781 8526 for bee arrival updates 

We will be handeling LIVE BEES. A veil will be required. There is NO charge for these classes and club membership is not required but encouraged.